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What you won't like about Dave

I am too honest and give people the straight story. It has cost me business. Some people want to hear "no problem" right up until the day before closing when they are told "Sorry the underwriter said NO". I just do not understand this mentality. I tell my clients what we are going to do; the issues that probably will come up and create a plan to solve them in advance.

That brings up the next issue people have with me, I tell them too much. I explain why we need to do things in a certain way and how we are going to do them. I explain about the loan program that best fits their needs and why.

The result is that I close 95%+ of all my applications. Sometimes nothing I do will work,but its rare. I have a friend in the "low rates on the web mortgage business". He tells me that they close 40% of their applications. Wow, that means, that for what ever reason, 60% of the people never close. He also tells me that he does high volume and is very profitable. I guess I am doing something wrong.

The last reason you won't like me, is my "Goodfaith Estimates". All of the expected costs and the real interest rates will be disclosed up front. I hate surprises at closing. I think people deserve to be totally informed. I also think that the "Goodfaith" should match the "Closing Statement".

I know that some people won't like me for these reasons, because they have all cost me business.

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