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So, how do you know when you’re ready to change?

If you are an enlightened being and “in the flow“, what ever you need to progress in life, just some how shows up. You accept the opportunity, learn the lesson and move on.

For the rest of us, including me, we have to go through some “lessons” in life before we are finally ready to accept the possibility that “it just might be me” that needs to change. If you suffer long enough, losing relationships, suffering finical losses, having health problems, or maybe it’s just that something is missing in your life, at some point you will finally get miserable enough to become “teachable”. That is when you begin to understand the saying “When the student is READY, the teacher will appear”. Or maybe the teacher did appear in the form of the problem and now it is time to accept the lesson.

When you are finally miserable enough, you will begin looking for answers. You will question your own behavior. You will start seeking any kind of help. You will read endless numbers of self-help books and articles, attend seminars, lectures and classes, listen to tapes, anything to ease the pain. If any of this sounds familiar, you are ready to change.

We can help! All of the FUNshops we offer can help you along your path to become the YOU, you were meant to be. The NLP and other techniques we use are the quickest and easiest way to lasting change. As our motto says
“The greatest change with the least effort.”

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