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 On this page I will give you a brief over view ( my version ) of the various techniques I have learned and use in therapy and seminars. Since there are lots of good sites with loads of information, I will supply you with links rather than
"reinvent the wheel". ( If you want to know a bit about my story ... click here. )

NLP - Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Neuro - The cells of the brain and body.The way the unconscious mind communicates messages to every cell.

Linguistic - The words we use to communicate information to ourselves and others. In the unconscious mind the words become symbols, so you could also say that it is the unconscious symbology we use to understand our world and create our reality.

Programming - The conscious and unconscious routines and subroutines we run in order to function or dis-function in life. These include the beliefs, values, generalizations, distortions, etc. we use to filter the internal and external information

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