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    Well, I guess this is the place for me to tell a bit of my own story. So that all of the people who have known me for a long time, can figure out how a mortgage broker, Harley riding, party animal, decided to head down such a different path.

It all started about ten or so years ago. A friend invited me to a weekend seminar presented by Tad James. At this seminar I went through the various procedures and had a real good time learning about myself and looking inside for the first time.
While at this seminar I decided to give it a go and program my future to quit smoking. About two months latter I came down with a real bad case of bronchitis while staying with a friend in Park City. On Sunday morning I woke up, had the last cigarette in the pack and said to myself "I think I'll make this something I used to do". At the same moment, it was as if I left my body and was watching myself make this decision. I had totally forgotten about the stuff I had done at the seminar until that moment. Even though I remember it , it made no difference. I just quit. I never even really wanted one, but if I did, I just reminded myself that it was something I used to do. I didn't have a cigarette for a year then quit again. That experience made a real impact. ( I have since started again, but that is a whole other story)

The next year I was invited back to the same seminar. This time I was really ready go for it. I had spent most of my life to this point being a "raging asshole" as my ex-wife and kids can attest. I hated it, but couldn't stop. This time I was ready to give that up for good and I did. This experience shocked me completely.

In order to resolve the anger issue, I ended up at the moment of death in a past life. ( I don't know about you, but before that moment I wasn't buying any past life stuff ) It was as real as any memory I have of this life. By using the timeline techniques, I resolved and let go of the anger that was behind the raging for good. For the next few years it was as if I couldn't even get angry. That did it. I had to know more. That's when I started my training in NLP etc. and continue to this day.

Last year I learned and went through a process to determine my life's purpose. What I discovered was that my purpose is; to Learn and Grow and Share
. If you look at this web site, you'll see that I am sharing all of the stuff I have learned and grown with.

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