Welcome to Your Estate Realty.

We are dedicated to saving you money on your real estate transaction!

We really mean it...... Buying or selling a home has become very expensive. We are committed to doing what we can to reduce those costs.

Here's how it works.......

For the Seller. We TARGET the services and reduce the commission. Instead of the usual 6% or 7% commission plus administrative fees, we charge you 4%. We take 1% for listing (in some cases this is negotiable) and pass the other 3% on to the selling office.

What you get...

We list your home through the "Wasatch Front Multiple Listing Service" (MLS) This exposes your house to all the Real Estate Agents who belong to the Board of Realtors and the MLS. It also is linked to the public site.

We place a very bright sign in your front yard. That sign is meant to attract interested parties and give them the opportunity to check out your house on this website and on the MLS public website.

We represent you in the negotiations with prospective buyers.

We create a comparative market analysis for your review to help you establish the asking price of your house. If you prefer we will order a professional appraisal, at your expense, to better determine the value of your property.

We place a key box on your house at your request so, Real Estate Agents will have easy access to show your house to prospective buyers.

We supply you with comment cards for Agents and their prospective buyers to fill out and leave for your review, so that you will know what people think about your house. This will give you feed back on impressions, repairs, improvements or price adjustments you may want to consider to help sell your house quickly in today's market.

We supply you with all state and federal forms and disclosures required of the seller and assist you, where we can, to fill the forms in correctly and completely and supply them to the buyer in a timely manner.

We order a preliminary title report to ascertain, in advance of a sale, any issues that will have to be addressed before you accept any offers on your house.

We take 8 pictures of your house to put on both our web site and the MLS site and include any comments you would like to make about the special features of your home. (The MLS only allows 8 photos)

We can pre-qualify any prospective buyer, with their permission, so that you will have some reassurance that the transaction will close.

We can even save the prospective buyer money on their financing costs, if you or we find the buyer. (This is subject to agency rules and state law.)

If you decide that you want to pay the full commission for a full service agent, we will be happy to refer your listing to a full cost agent after the first 90 days.

What you don't get....

We do not typically do "open houses".

We do not advertise your home in any magazines, newspapers or other media except our website and the MLS.

Selling your house is a business decision and we will treat it as such. Remember, the minute you decide to sell, it is no longer your home, it becomes a piece of property. We will be happy to meet with you about any and all offers at our offices or your house during reasonable business hours.

For the Buyer. As both Real Estate Broker and Mortgage Broker/Banker we save you money when you buy a house through us. We do this by reducing or eliminating the origination fee on your new mortgage. Since we get paid the sales commission by the seller, we can put your mortgage together without the usual charges. That does not mean there will be no costs to your loan, just that a loan officer will waive or at least reduce the usual origination fee.

We waive or reduce the fee on all standard conventional loans. FHA does not allow the Real Estate Agent to also be the loan officer.(Neither does Utah Law as of 1-1-2004) We have made special arrangements for other loan officers to do FHA loans (for our clients only) at a substantial reduction ($100 instead of the usual 1%).

On what we call sub-prime or non standard loans there may be an origination or broker fee do the company. We will have to collect this fee, but will reduce it as much as possible for our clients.

How we work...

Most people need a mortgage to buy a house. The first step in that process is to pull a credit report ($18) and review your income and assets to determine the best type of loan and how much of a loan you can qualify for.

The credit report is first, because in today's world, it is the single most important piece of information about you and your ability to get a loan. If there are problems, we show you how to fix them. (See credit on the mortgage site) We do this up front because it can take as long as 2-3 months to get your credit repaired and will make a huge difference in both the interest rate and type of loan you can qualify for.

Next, we analyze your income and assets to determine the best type of loan for your individual needs. There are literally thousands of loan types and variations to choose from. We take the time to help you select the right one for both your current and future needs.

(We should note here that Dave Udy, Principle Broker, has been in the real estate industry since 1974. He successfully sold real estate until 1979 when he moved to the Mortgage side of the business. Also, he is one of only a handful of Utah mortgage lenders to have achieved the "Certified Mortgage Consultant" designation. Remember, experience does count when you are about to enter into one of the biggest financial transactions of a life time.)

When the pre-qualification process is complete, you will know how much of a loan you are able to get. We then begin to determine how much house you need and can reasonably afford. At that time we will ask you to sign a "Buyer/Broker Agreement" so the shopping process can begin.

Shopping for the right house normally takes time. We review all of the possible properties currently listed that fit your needs and ability to qualify for a loan. We create a list for your review and create a folder for updates which we e-mail or fax to you when new ones become available.

Your job is to check them out. That means you need to review them on the web, (you can use the extra computer in our office if you don't have one) drive by the ones you like and narrow down the list. Once you have determined the ones you like, we will schedule times and make appointments to view them.

When you have selected one that fits your needs, we will prepare the paper work for your review and negotiate with the seller to get you the best possible price and terms. (Remember, well priced properties sell quickly, especially in the lower price ranges, so you may have to move quickly on new listings)

When we get an offer accepted by both you and the seller, we will order an appraisal and complete your loan processing. We recommend that you get inspections in addition to the appraisal, and will help arrange access for the inspectors. When you have approved the inspections, we will schedule a closing date and time. Then it's time to start packing.



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